Global CUNY  is a one-day event with a focus on the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines.

For over two decades, a Collaborative Infrastructure has developed across the City University of New York that includes the university leadership, campus presidents, senior administrators and dedicated faculty members who mentor students.

This collaborative infrastructure at CUNY has allowed for the adaption and adoption of best practices centered on integrating research into the STEM experience at the university.

A component of the Urban University Series, Global CUNY seeks to bring together CUNY faculty, staff, students and partners, and is open to attendance/participation by the entire university community.

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GlobalCUNY …

  • is envisioned as a combination of a Research Colloquium and Expo, highlighting projects and programs underway across the university, that have an international focus and allows for the active participation/inclusion of STEM students.
  • is envisioned as a platform for collaborations, partnership development, and leveraging of university resources and expertise.
  • will offer students the opportunity to have formal as well as informal conversations with Study Abroad/International Research participants and program managers throughout the day via oral and poster presentations, panel discussions and workshops.
  • will highlight the mobility programs of the university, promote cross campus and cross discipline collaborations.
  • will highlight Student and Faculty led projects that engage students in Service Learning, Technology/Development and Social Entrepreneurship internationally.
  • will be centered on funding/fellowships, which is seen as a major barrier to participation in a study abroad/international research experience by many students